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The value of choosing the right background

If you feel like your design is missing something but still can't put your finger on it, you should definitely consider changing the background-or adding one altogether. Background graphics add texture, or an ornamental element, to a design-often completing it and adding a layer of depth to the whole piece of work. Plus, they can be used on their own as wallpapers to give your desktop some personality. And more:

  • Backgrounds set the stage for your designs. A great background complements your work while adding decoration to it to make the entire look stand out. That's why even picking the right background is an art!
  • Backgrounds add texture to your projects. Although flat design is super trendy right now, sometimes you still need to add a little depth to your work. That's when a great background comes in handy: you can add fuzzy furs, metallic shine, or grungy textures to your designs to make them more unique.
  • They add intense mood and energy. A simple way to add drama to your work is to consider changing out the background. Explore different colors, shapes, designs, and moods: a different background can completely revolutionise the vibe and the meaning of your work.

There are over 11 thousand background graphics in our collection, so if you're looking to build the ultimate designer's kit-this is a great place to start! Here's an overview of what you'll find:

  • Abstract backgrounds. This is the most popular and the largest sub-collection. Blurred or clean, colourful or monochrome, modern or retro-there's something for any style and mood you're looking for.
  • Patterns. From textile to floral, from geometric shapes to seamless fabric ornaments-patterns make great backgrounds. Pair them well and they'll make your designs really stand out.
  • 3D wallpapers and backgrounds-because why settle for 2 dimensions when you can have 3?
  • Tech designs to give your work a more futuristic look.
  • Nature background graphics include the never-get-old floral patterns and all the typical natural elements, but there's more. You'll find space-related wallpapers with planets, galaxies and constellations, as well as season-oriented material.
  • The Urban category includes plenty of great wallpapers with a grungy atmosphere and industrial-looking backgrounds.
  • If you need something more professional-looking to create assets for your company, the Business collection has the perfect range of assets.
  • Finally, the Education category has the right backgrounds for any school- or learning-related kind of project. Hint: many of these graphics are chalkboard wallpapers and similar.
  • Plus,there are also plenty of flagsto use as backgrounds or wallpapers.

And finally, as you explore our background graphics to find the one that's perfect for you, keep in mind that they all share some key features:

  • Super easy to use. You can simply download your favorite wallpapers or backgrounds to enjoy the designs as they are, or integrate them with ease into your next design project. All files are fully editable, so you can alter the designs to suit your needs.
  • High-quality illustrations and graphics. From high-resolution texture images to quality vector graphics, our talented community of designers have uploaded the best of the best of what they have to offer. And everything gets hand-reviewed by our team before going on sale. Quality is guaranteed!
  • Texture packs, seamless patterns, and more. Expansive texture packs allow you to download a variety of design assets with only one purchase.