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Brochure templates, explained

Bi-folds, tri-folds, and more-oh my! Whether you're a new budding designer, or an experienced professional, chances are you've stumbled across a few brochures in your lifetime. And you know these simple leaflets serve a much greater purpose than just decorating your convention table.

Brochures are promotional documents used by many companies to illustrate how truly awesome they are. They often list a full range of products and services, and include important details to inform new customers in a short amount of time. They're like individual salesmen, but on paper!

So why are brochures so important? Well, here are just a few things you can accomplish with the right one:

  • Brochures introduce new customers to you. With clever designs and well-thought content structure, you can share your inspiring story easily to potential clients.
  • They explain your products and services in a simple format that's easy to digest.
  • They highlight ongoing promotions and deals to allure new clients while keeping the old ones.
  • They leave a lasting impact of professionalism and clarity.
  • They're tangible, meaning the potential to close a sale is ongoing even after you leave the convention or office floor.
  • And an obvious one, but still important-they provide all the pertinent contact information your customers need to get started with services right away.

And what about our brochure templates? Well, as everything on GraphicRiver-they have been created by an amazing pool of great designers from all over the world. Let's check out their key features:

  • Different sizes and paper folds galore! Explore endless possibilities with a variety of sizes and paper folds. From traditional tri-fold brochures to full length pamphlets, find a design that brings out the best in your company's mission.
  • Multiple design themes available. Choose from corporate brochure packages to artistic templates designed for creative professionals. No matter your need, you can find a template that matches your style.
  • Available in a variety of formats. Whether you favor Illustrator, Indesign, or Photoshop, many authors make their designs accessible in a variety of Adobe products.
  • Print ready. Need the perfect design like, yesterday? Simply download your favorite brochure template, update it with your company's information, and get ready to send it to the printer knowing that the design is already perfect as is.
  • Fully editable. Perhaps you love a template with red colors, but your brand's identity features blue. Sometimes, as amazing as the product looks, you still need to customize it to make it completely yours. And you can do this easily with fully editable templates to change colors, text, and even design elements for a high-impact brochure.