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Exploring our collection of graphic templates

Graphic templates make up one of the largest collections on GraphicRiver. Tens of thousands of vectors, illustrations, photo templates, mockups and a lot more The list goes on and on. But before we take a closer look to our collection to help you find your way around here, let's point out what makes these graphic templates great assets for all designers:

  • Graphics paint the picture for the story you're trying to tell. They can help you convey a compelling message for business material such as presentations, videos, and more. You can use them on all sorts of creative projects-really, any project you can think of could benefit from the use of the right graphic to support your message.
  • Graphics are bound by no rules. A graphic can be a creative background, icon pack, or business template. It can be abstract, modern, or simplistic in design. There are no rules and no boundaries for what you can create with amazing digital graphics.
  • They can be used for web or print design. A piece of advice-if you're not an expert, choose a vector file for your print projects and you won't have to worry about image resolution!
  • And lastly, graphics connect you to the world. A great compelling graphic is often way more powerful than text on some platforms, especially online-and even more so, on social media.

Created by a talented community of creatives, this selection features everything you need to bring your designs to life. But as it's a pretty broad category, let's take a closer look at what that "everything actually is.

  • The busiest and most varied part of our collection is the product mockups category. If your client is a visual person, they'll appreciate you showing them what your design looks like on print material like brochures, business cards and stationery, or on objects like bottles and food containers, or on different screens and devices, and a lot more.
  • No matter what creative project you're on to-there are backgrounds for every theme, industry and style.
  • And if two dimensions are not enough for you, 3D renders come to the rescue! Plenty of objects and characters of all sorts, but also text files and abstract graphics.
  • The illustrations section includes a wide collection of digital drawings with different types of subjects: human and fictional characters, animals, objects, abstract illustrations and a lot of very cool and unique drawings.
  • Photo templates can either be the actual photo frame that will allow you to create a cool effect for your shot, or color combinations to help you achieve a specific look and atmosphere with your image. You can choose among artistic effects, urban, futuristic looks and more-there's even a seasonal section if you're looking for a Christmas-themed image that would look great on a card!
  • Abstract backgrounds, flourishes and swirls, patterns and borders make up the decorative graphics collection. And if you like a particular decoration but would like to change the color, don't worry! All files are fully editable.