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The power of symbols

There's a lot of great things to be said about icons. When used properly, these graphic symbols can solve interface problems, guide users, give instructions and even convey feelings and emotions. And more:

  • Icons are great visual elements for communication, and enable you to guide users through your interface, app, website, product you name it. Many icons are part of day-to-day activities for wide ranges of people, which means that they are already familiar with the message and instruction that specific icons convey.
  • They allow you to cross language and cultural barriers, thanks to the shared meaning they carry. The "save button is a good example, but there's plenty other cases where using a symbol instead of words is more likely to send your message across. This is particularly helpful in two main scenarios. First, when you're working on a project that involves a global, or anyway multilingual, audience. Second, when you're short of space-think, for example, of when you design an interface that will be used on screens of different sizes.
  • They also help to further your brand. Some of the most common icons you'll see are for social media packs. You can incorporate icons into your work to follow in the footsteps of your favorite brands and propel your own identity to make sure it's remembered by your audience.
  • And finally, icons add flair to your professional designs. Using icons for your personal websites or incorporating them into print templates will instantly add personality and help shape the style of your creative projects.

Diving into our collection, you'll find thousands of great options available for all sorts of project. They have all been designed by a wonderful community of creative professionals, and share some key features:

  • A huge selection available to fit any genre or niche. With thousands of icons to choose from, you can collect as many as you like for your designs. You can experiment with minimalist emoticons for mobile applications, or festive designs for holiday celebrations. You can find real-life objects, from buildings to food, as well as human, animal or fictional characters. And you can search for different styles too (as you may have guessed, flat icons are the most popular these days).
  • Created in vector format. Even though icons are pretty small in size, you don't want to lose out on exceptional quality. These assets are fully scalable, and created in lossless image formats to ensure optimal standards.
  • Many great packs available. Multipurpose icon packs are great to get the best bang out of your buck without having to compromise on quality. A few examples in this space include sets of emoticons, topic-based selections (e.g. transport-related icons, furniture icons and so on), industry-specific packs (for example, social media packs), style-based collections (such as groups of flat icons to be used for the web) and a lot more.