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Choose from over 4,500 infographic templates.


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Making data more interesting with infographic templates

Need to explain concepts, ideas, data reports or processes quickly? Go ahead and educate the world with infographics.

An infographic, simply put, is a graphic with information on it. Infographic templates are used to collect a wide variety of data so that users can see this information in a more literal and visual way.

So how would you profit from using infographics in your designs? Let's take a look at a few key benefits:

  • Make learning fun. Graphs are often perceived as boring... And if you need your graphs to teach a lesson effectively, but they look "boring" to your audience, then you're definitely in trouble. Make learning fun by using creative infographics that teach your students uniquely-presented facts.
  • Organize your data effectively. You can present reports, charts and numbers in a clear, concise way with smart and colorful infographics that will be more easily remembered by your audience.
  • Showcase your expertise. Well-designed graphics make you instantly look more professional, reputable, and trustworthy, that's for sure.
  • Make your designs shareable. Research shows that the most shareable things online are images. So instead of writing another long-winded blog post, consider an infographic and get super creative-maybe it will even go viral!

Once you're ready to get started, browse our library of infographic templates and educate your audience in style. Designed by our very own independent community of talented designers, these templates are easy to use and require little-to-no adjustments at all. Simply input the information you desire, hit save, and get ready to send your work straight to the printer.

Let's check out a quick summary of their key features:

  • Sleek and professional designs. From minimalist vectors to powerful 3D graphics, you're sure to wow any audience with these professionally-designed templates.
  • Unique, high-quality design elements. These are not your ordinary infographics. They display all your important information in a variety of creative ways. Between pie charts, graphs, arrows, and so much more, you can make a lasting impression just with the right template.
  • Available in a variety of formats. Whether you prefer Adobe InDesign, or are more comfortable working in Illustrator, you're sure to find a template that supports a variety of Adobe products.
  • Easily customizable. Change the colors, scale your charts to different sizes, or reposition design elements for a more impactful poster. Created with well-organized layers and adjustable objects, feel free to customize these templates even further to fit your branding needs.